The Essence of Liberation

In the spirit of creativity and liberation, 'Unchained', co-created with the illustrious Sid Tytler, emerges as an ode to the free-spirited.

This exquisite fragrance opens with a burst of effervescent citrus notes – orange, Amalfi lemon, and Calabrian bergamot – evoking the exhilarating first light of dawn. The heart of the perfume is a sweet serenade of Madagascar vanilla intertwined with a mélange of exotic fruits, embodying the essence of freedom and exploration. As the journey of the scent deepens, the base of white musk and amber envelops you in a warm, sensual embrace, leaving a lingering trail of elegance and allure.

'Unchained' is not just a perfume; it is a liberation, a sensory escape to a world where anything is possible.

Sweet Sea

Sweet Sea is a fresh and invigorating perfume that captures the essence of the ocean breeze. 

It features top notes of sage, Calabrian bergamot, pink pepper, and marine, a heart of sea salt, lavender, and Amalfi lemon, and base notes of vetiver, musk, and ambergris. 

The combination of these notes creates a scent that is both refreshing and relaxing, making it a perfect choice for a breezy sunny day.

Mystic Voice

Mystic Voice is a captivating perfume with top notes of melon, saffron, and orange  that awakens the senses.

The Middle notes is a very sophisticated amalgamation of lily of the valley, ginger, oakmoss, and hyacinth. 

The base notes of fir resin, white musk, cedar, and patchouli. It's a luxurious and mysterious scent that captures the essence of a person's mystic and alluring voice.

Mystic Voice is a perfume that enchants the senses with its mysterious and captivating scent.

  • Day & Night

  • Unisex

  • Layering

  • Long Lasting